Top 10 Reasons To Juice

While juicing is not for everyone.  We got a cold pressed juicer and have not looked back.  Here are the reasons you might want to give juicing a try.

1) Allows you to get enough of important vitamins and minerals.

2) Much easier to digest than eating a ton of fruits and vegetables.

3) You get healthy sugars not the stuff that is put in processed juicers from the super market.

4) Gets you healthy and prevents disease.

5) Easiest way to get 9 daily servings of fruits and vegetables.

6) Reduces blood pressure

7) Lowers bad cholesterol.

8) Low calorie healthy way to boost energy.

9) Reduces inflammation.

10) You can detox your entire system and get rid of all the toxins our bodies come in contact with.


Raw Vegan Radio

These guys talk a lot about organic juicing and it is from the standpoint of vegans.  While this might not be your thing there is a ton of good information on their podcasts.   They are the winner of raw vegan radio awards.  Check out VegWorld Radio for more information.  They actually broadcast in 10 cities around the United States but you can listen online.   Learn about how to design your weekly juicing diet and tips of the experts.  We love being able to download the podcasts to our phone and being able to listen at our leisure.


Juicing Radio

So just what is juicing radio?  The motto is to change your life for good.  They talk to juicing experts.  The interview people who have lost over 100 pounds by juicing.  Learn how they did it.  And what you can gain by giving it a try.  One common theme a lot of people talk about over there is that you have to juice for a few days at least 5 days to get the benefits. They caution that it’s not for everybody but one thing is there are a ton of success stories.  You have to listen and decide for youself.

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