Making Money With Your Station


How To Start Your Own Internet Radio Station In 10 minutes And Make $1000 dollar or more monthly is a book written for those who want to earn some money through online radio stations. It comes with 36 pages of information published by Amazon Digital Services LLC in January 2014.


The book provides links, which people can find very useful. Though the book comes with only 36 pages, all its contents have value and directly discuss online radio stations. Thus, readers do not need that much time to obtain the information that they need from the material. On the other hand, the book explains in details the procedure regarding establishment of online radio stations.


The book requires some editing given the typographical lessons found in its contents. In addition, some buyers noted incompleteness of sentences and presence of misspelled words, which add to the difficulty of reading the book. Meanwhile, others argue that some of the information contained in the book is already outdated. Thus, these details may not be valid for readers these days anymore.