Podcasting 101

Podcasting is exciting and fun work of a number of people these days. Thus, for those who want to try their hands at it, they are advised to read Podcasting 101: An introductory guide to creating your own Podcast (Podcasts, Broadcasting, Technology, Audio, Radio, Internet, Education) to learn about everything the path to podcasting. The book provides step-by-step guide along with important information on strategies and equipment that people will need in their first podcasting gig.

The methods provided have already been test by a number of people. Moreover, some notable tips serve as extra benefits that can aid people in podcasting. Specific hardware and their descriptions and functions are also provided in the book. In addition, readers will learn more about utilizing podcasting as extra source of income. Some sections are allotted for discussing recording process and networking related to podcasts. In summary, the book is comprehensive and information-packed material providing readers with basics of podcasting.